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The statues in the museum

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Statues in the Museum is a cooperative game. The aim of the game is toreproduce the statue blindfolded.

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Aim of the game - Statues at the Museum

The aim of this cooperative game is to develop : 

Verbal communication, auditory memory and motor coordination in children. It also stimulates creativity and builds self-confidence, while encouraging cooperation and team spirit. The game also helps to improve children's concentration.

  •  The game encourages children to listen carefully to the speaker's instructions and follow them to reproduce the statue. This reinforces their understanding of verbal descriptions and their ability to communicate effectively.
  • By reproducing the statue, children practice their gross and fine motor skills by positioning their arms, legs and other body parts correctly.
  • Children need to stay focused and attentive throughout the game to listen to the instructions and apply them correctly. This helps them develop their powers of concentration.
  • Children can explore different positions and shapes as they become the statue, stimulating their creativity and imagination.

Game organization - Statues at the Museum

  • 1 scarf per player

Game rules - Statues at the Museum

Statues in the museum game rules - cooperative sports game for kids

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Players' roles : 

Player - Listening to the speaker

Before the game begins, players form a circle and blindfold each other.

Two players stand in the middle of the round.

One takes the position of his choice to make a statue, while the other becomes "the talker".

The speaker describes the of the statue, for example:

  • The statue's left arm is raised
  • The statue has its right leg back Etc...

Blindfoldedplayers listen carefully to the speaker in order to reproduce the position of the statue.

Once the speaker has finished position, he removes the blindfold from all players.

The players compare themselves to the statue in the middle.

The player whose statue most closely resembles the original becomes the statue for the next game.

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Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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