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The relay Mastermind

Relay games for kids - running - reflection - 

Mastermind Relay is a board game revisited in a children's sports version. The aim of the game is tofind the right color combination.

This game can be played as a warm-up before a sports session with children.

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Purpose of the Mastermind relay

The aim of the Mastermind Relay is to develop :

  • Communication 

Raisingthe child's body temperature before a sports session helps prevent injury. 

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Mastermind relay organization

  • 2 teams
  • 4 bowls (x4) of same color
  • 4 studs (x2) of same color
  • 2 supports

Mastermind relay rule

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The role of the players?

  • Master - He composes a color combination for the opposing team.
  • Runner - run and place a coloured cup in the defined area

Before starting the game, the masters compose a color combination which they keep secret.

Visit "TOP STARTthe 1st in each team takes a cupcup, runs, and place it in the coloured zone.

Once landed, it returns to his camp then the 2nd player does the same, and so on for each player.

Once all the colors are set, the master must validate the combination. If the combination is not correct, each player in turn runs into the playing area and move a color until the master validates the combination.

A color that is placed in the right place is validated by the master by byplacing a peg in front it.

The team that manages to find the right master color combination before the opposing team wins 1 point.

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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