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Jewel From the dragon

 Cooperation - dodging - communication - touching - passing - cunning - sports game - cooperative game

Dragon Jewel is a cooperative game. The aim of the game is to capture the dragon's jewel without getting hit.

This game can be played as a warm-up before a sports session with children.

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Game objective - Dragon's Jewel

The aim of this cooperative game is to develop : 

  • Players must work together to capture the dragon's jewel.
  • Children have the opportunity to work in teams with different partners.
  • The children learn to communicate effectively in order to capture the jewel.
  • Children must run and dodge to avoid being hit by the dragon.
  • Children need to be agile to capture the jewel and get out of the zone.
  • Children are physically stimulated by playing this cooperative game.
  • Children have to think of the best way to get close to the jewel and get out of the area while avoiding the dragon.
  • Children are encouraged to think strategically to develop an effective game plan.
  • Children develop their problem-solving skills by playing this game.

All in all, this cooperative sports game for kids is designed to provide a fun and stimulating environment to help them develop their physical and social skills while playing as a team. Children learn to work together, communicate effectively, be agile and think strategically to successfully capture the jewel without getting hit by the dragon.

Game organization - Jewel of the Dragon

  • Several Teams
  • 1 object (ball, etc.)

Rules of the game - Jewel of the Dragon

Joyau du dragon - cooperative game for children

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Players' roles : 

player - run, dodge the dragon and take the jewel out of the area

Dragon - touch and prevent players from capturing the jewel

Before the game begins, a circle is formed with studs. In the middle of the circle is a jewel guarded by a Dragon.

Several teams try to recover the jewel. (Each team takes a turn).

Visit "TOP STARTthe 1st team enters the dragon's cave and tries to retrieve the jewel in the middle.

The dragon's mission is to protect the jewel and touch whoever enters his cave.

The players must move, communicate to capture the jewel.

  • If the dragon touches a player on a team, the team is eliminated and the next team continues the game.

If a team manages to get out of the cave with the jewel unharmed, they win 1 point.

We change dragons every 5 minutes


Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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