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Game to raise awareness School bullying

How can we make children more aware of bullying at school?

Emotional awareness game for children: The savior-victim-stalker game teaches reflection on the consequences of school bullying "

The Savior, Victim and Stalker game aims to get children to understand the effects of harassment on mental well-being and how to avoid harassment through discussion and exchange with adults."

Very easy to install. 

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Objective of the game Rescuer-victim and stalker

The aim is to :  

  • Raise awareness of the effects of harassment on mental well-being.
  • Make people think about the consequences of harassment and how to put an end to it.
  • Undo possible or future harassment through discussion and exchange with adults.
  • Encourage children to express their feelings about harassment.

This expression game has been useful for me in my years of animation to prevent harassment and make children think about the emotional consequences of harassment."


Organization to raise awareness of bullying at school


  • 1 saving role 
  • 1 victim role
  • 1 stalker role
  • All the other children are seated 


Savior, victim and stalker game rules

children are seated. opposite them, other children play an expression game on the theme of harassment.

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Procedure :

Children are invited to mime a 30-second scene in front of their group to raise awareness of the consequences of harassment.

Roles :

The stalker - is characterized by mocking and unpleasant behavior.

The victim - reacts with silence and fear.

The savior - intervene to stop the stalker's taunts and protect the victim.

After 30 seconds, the roles are reversed: the stalker becomes the victim, the victim becomes the rescuer and the rescuer becomes the stalker.

Repeat the process and reverse the roles until all three children have played each role.

After that, the children are asked which role they preferred and why.

The aim is to discuss, exchange ideas and perhaps even identify children who are already being harassed.

It could also help children discover their ability to be saviors and develop this tendency in their future lives, even at school.

Feedback :

Even though I preferred to organize sports activities as an activity leader, I still set up this game of expression, because I couldn't stand it any longer when certain children behaved like bullies and imposed their law on others.

Feedback I've had from children:

-Which roles did you enjoy the most? 

  • Unanimously, the role of savior was the most popular!


  • "Because we feel like we're doing something good and it makes us feel sorry for the other child..."

-Which roles did you like least? 

  • "The one of victim, because the stalker makes fun of us and that's not nice, you don't feel good inside. I was glad the savior stood up for me..."

-What did you think of the role of stalker? 

  • "It was the lamest role, because you're hurting people and you're making fun of them and it's not nice for the victim because on top of that she didn't do anything..."

I noticed that the children's responses were often surprising. Some of the children who tended to be harassers ended up preferring the role of savior.

It made me think that perhaps a seed had sprouted in their brains.

In the days that followed, I noticed that more and more children in my group wanted to defend those who were being teased, which gave me great satisfaction!

Variants :

  • You can deal with any subject you like 
  • Gradually add children to the scene with their own roles 
  • Prepare stories to be played in advance
  • Leave room for children's improvisation 


Tools for improvement :

Your daily life and your children's learning while having fun 

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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