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The Satellite

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The SATELLITE game is a cooperative game. The aim of the game is toprevent the satellite from crashing to Earth and land it safely in the base.

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Aim of the game - THE SATELLITE

The aim of this cooperative game is to develop : 

Motor coordination, teamwork and communication in children. It also stimulates problem-solving, perseverance and concentration. Children learn to work together to achieve a common goal, while developing their social skills and self-confidence.

  • Children need to communicate with each other to develop strategies and coordinate their efforts to win the game.
  • Children learn to persevere and not give up if they fail, starting from the beginning when the ball hits the ground.
  •  This game requires sustained attention and concentration to keep the satellite in the air and point it towards the base.
  • This game offers an opportunity to bond and interact with other children, fostering social skills and strengthening friendships.
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Game organization - THE SATELLITE

  • 2 teams
  • 2 balloons

Game rules - THE SATELLITE

SATELLITE game rules - cooperative sports game for kids

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Players' roles : 

Player - blow on the balloon to move it forward

Before the game starts, the two teams form a circle and position themselves in the starting area.

When the "GO" SIGNAL signal is given, a player throws the balloon balloon representing a satellite.

The group then strives to to prevent the ball from touch the ground by blowing on it to steer and into the base.

  • If the ball reaches the ground, participants start again from the beginning.

The team that manages to secure the satellite in its base first wins the game.

Variant :

With an object: Use foam pool French fries to move the ball.

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Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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