traditional game

Rule of theèque

(Variant of theèque)

The rule of the game is simple: two teams play against each other on a pitch, with one team batting and the other catching. Lhe aim is to clear all opposing bases before the captain (of the catching team) receives the ball.

Kickball variant of theèque 

This game for children and even adults can be used as a warm-up before a sports session.

Very easy to install.

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Objective of the theme

The aim is to develop : 

  • The pass
  • The throw 
  • The forehand / backhand 
  • Cooperation

Raising your child's body temperature before a sports session helps prevent injury. 


Theque organization


  • 1 drummer team 
  • 1 catcher's team 
  • 6 studs or cups
  • 1 baseball bat or 1 tennis racket
  • 1 tennis ball


Theque rule

A simplified variant of the team sport of baseball

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Theca is a traditional game.

The aim of the game? Shoot the ball into the field and round the bases to score 1 run.

  • Drummers are placed in single file (behind the 2 red studs).

Each in turnthe batter, will hit the ball with a baseball bat or tennis racket to send it as far down the field as possible.

Once the ball is in the middle of the field, the batter will run as quickly as possible through the bases (marked by the red studs) and cross the finish line. finish line to score 1 point.

During this time, the catchers, who are in the middle of the pitch, must retrieve the ball and pass it to the captain/thrower (between the yellow studs), who is not allowed to move from his position.

If the ball lands at the captain's feet while a batter is running, he's out. This is why he can stop on a base before the captain gets the ball. 

The 2nd batter repeats the same process as the 1st (hitting the ball and running around the bases). 

Note that it is not possible to cross a base if it is already occupied by a batter. 

All batsmen pass 1 time, then the roles are exchanged: batsman becomes catcher and catcher becomes batsman.

To win.

  • The number of points scored by each team is counted each time they bat. After 2 innings, the team with the most points wins.

Team reminder :

Batter: Score points by running around the bases and crossing the finish line, which confers 1 point.

Catcher: Eliminate batters by passing the ball to the captain as quickly as possible (a batter between two bases is out).

* If a ball is caught in flight by a catcher without touching the ground, the batter is out of the inning.

Tools for improvement :

Your daily life and your children's learning while having fun 

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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