Relay game

the meeting cross

Sports game for children - Run fast - Encourage each other - No contact - Race

Cross-meeting is a non-contact relay game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The aim? Brandish your coloured peg before your opponent. 

This game can be played as a warm-up before a sports session with children.

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Objective of the cross-meeting game

The aim of this relay game is to develop :  

  • Speed
  • Cohesion

Raising the child's body temperature before a sports session helps prevent injury. 


Organization of the cross-meeting game

Cross-over game rules

La rencontre croisé - Relay game for children

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The aim of the game?

  • Raise your color pin before your opponent  

Visit "TOP STARTthe 1st in each team runs then runs around and finishes the race by raising his colouredpeg.

The 1st of the two players who lifts his stud wins his team 1 point.

If both players raise at the same time at the same time, they both both win 1 point.

And so on for each child.

The adult starts each race.

It is forbidden to touch the opponent's block by going around it.

The 1st team to score 10 points wins the game .

Variant :

  • Changing the way you travel 
    • Kangaroo jump
    • Foot bell
    • Pas chassé
    • Buttock heel
    • Knee-jerk,
    • etc. 
  • Stopped start
    • Stand up
    • Sitting
    • On the belly 
    • On the back
    • To the sound of the adult's voice 

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

Tools for improvement :

Your daily life and your children's learning while having fun 

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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