traditional game

Rule : Magic potion

From age 3

The magic potion rule is simple: children must make a magic potion to help a princess turned witch.

 The objective? Collect ingredients scattered around the field and place them in the cauldron.

This children's game can be used as a warm-up before a sports session.

Very easy to install.

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Objective magic potion

The aim is to develop : 

  • Coordination
  • The imaginary

Raising your child's body temperature before a sports session helps prevent injury. 


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Magic potion rule

Magic potion is a traditional traditional game.

The aim of the game? Save the princess from an evil spell.


The princess was turned into a wicked witch, helped there by making a magic potion to turn her back into a beautiful, gentle princess.

Visit "TOP STARTchildren pick up a food item and place it in the cauldron. They take turns - in twos or threes. Then return to their camp.

The food -> to make the food, use cups, scarves, studs, balls, rings.

The cauldron -> to make a cauldron, use a crate or a hoop.

To save the princess:

  • Once all the food is in the cauldron, the children will have saved the princess.
  • The adult can decide to start the game again (you need a few more ingredients to save the princess 😉

Tools for improvement :

Your daily life and your children's learning while having fun 

Find all the Mon enfant fait du sport files on Pinterest

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