warm-up game for children

The uno sporty

Run - walk - jump - memorize - communicate

The famous UNO card game revisited in a sports version.

The aim of the game? Make a move according to the card you hold. 

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Objective of the UNO game

Its objective is to develop : 

  • Coordination
  • Motor skills
  • Memorization


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UNO: a fun and easy game

The UNO sportif allows all the children to be active and on the move on the field, using each card in the game as a movement.

To play UNO sportif you need :

  • A UNO card game
  • A place with space 
Children practicing physical activity and sports with the game of uno

UNO game rules

Before starting the game, bring along a deck of UNO cards.

Explanation of the rules

The adult 

  • He hands out a game card to each child

The cards

  • Each card is composed of one color.
  • Color corresponds to movement. 

Before starting a game, ask the children to associate a movement with each color. 


Red = kangaroo jump

Green = knee-high

Blue = crawl (stroke, arm movement) 

Yellow = chassé steps or foot bell

The child

  • Each child has a card 
  • He must move according to the movement assigned to the color. 

Start of the game

Children move around the field, performing the movement associated with their card. At the adult's signal, the children swap cards and perform a new movement. 

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How to win at uno sportif

Nobody wins in this game, and it's often used as a warm-up before starting another game. 


  • Colors are associated with means of movement (animals , cars, motorcycles, planes, walking, running, jumping, crawling, etc.).
  • You indicate the color to the children (everyone has the same movement).
  • The numbers indicate the number of times the movement must be repeated. 
  • The color change card gives the right to make any of the following moves

Tools for improvement :

Your daily life and your children's learning while having fun 

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