warm-up game for children

The right color

Run - memorize 

The right color is a fun and competitive warm-up game. 

The aim of the game? Not to be the last to cross the colored markers. 

Aim of the game : The right color

Its objective is to develop : 

  • Endurance 
  • Body temperature rise 
  • Memorization


The right color: a competitive warm-up game

This game raises children's body temperature.

Individual and competitive, this game will allow children to discover competition in a playful and individual way by acting with colors. 

To play the correct color you need :

  • From cups or studs in different colors. (4 colors)
  • A place with space 
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The right color game rule

children play a warm-up game to raise their body temperature

Before starting the game, mark out a field by placing coloured cups (as shown in the picture). 

Explanation of the rules

The child

  • All the children are in the middle of the field.
  • At the adult's signal, the child moves as quickly as possible to the announced color zone.
  • The last person to arrive in the color zone is eliminated.

The adult 

  • It announces a color to the children. 
  • For a good warm-up, the adult makes several color announcements without elimination.

Then, to increase the intensity of the warm-up, the adult announces several colors.


Red green blueIn the "red" zone, children move towards the red color (cross the color), then green, then blue, to stop in the final zone (blue).

The final zone is always the last color announced.

Finally, when the children's body temperature has risen. The adult can launch an elimination competition. 

The eliminated child can choose the color(s) of his/her choice for the next round. 


After each elimination, the child will drink water to keep hydrated.

Start of the game

The children move to the middle of the field.

When one or more colors are announced, the children must run as fast as they can towards the announced color(s).


The final zone is the last color announced. 

How to win the right color game

For a better warm-up for all the children, it's best to leave several heats with several variations before setting up the eliminations. 
The winner is the one who has not been eliminated during all the rounds. 
Travel :
  • Walking
  • On one foot
  • Run
  • Toe to toe jump
  • Pas chassé
  • Buttock heel
  • Knee-jerk
  • Imitation animal movement
  • Imitation road transport (what rolls)
  • Imitation air transport (what flies)
  • Etc. 
Starting midfielder : 
  • Stand up
  • Sitting
  • Lie flat on your stomach
  • Lie with back to floor


  • Colors are associated with a means of travel

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