Ideas for garden activities


8 garden activities

What can you do in the garden? 

The garden is an ideal place for children to play. 
In fact, the garden offers your children a multitude of activities in a safe and safe.
garden activities



Invented by Finnish company Lahden Paikka in 1996, in the southern Päijät-Häme region. 

Mölkky is an outdoor Finnish game of skill that's going from strength to strength, combining strategy and conviviality.

There are no age or player limits. 

The water battle

children's water fight

The weather forecast calls for bright, sunny skies followed by a temperature that's just right to avoid sunstroke?  

Have a water fight!

It's the game par excellence where the rules set up at the start of the battle disappear when you get wet... Weird ^^

With water bottles, water pistols or water buckets, the main thing is to keep cool and have fun at the same time!


Family gardening
Gardening allows children to discover nature and learn how plants grow.
Gardening also gives children a sense of responsibility, teaches them patience and introduces them to the life cycle of plants in a fun and educational way.


Family soccer

Soccer! The world's most popular sport. 

A great way to spend time outdoors is to play with a soccer ball. 

Running, shooting, passing, receiving... A good dose of energy, then a good rest.

La Pétanque

pétanque child plastic ball

Hey Marcel, are you shooting or pointing? 

Perfect for a convivial moment with family and friends.  

Petanque, a sport of skill and concentration, has been played all over France for decades.

Opt for plastic boules if you're playing on grass with children. (Adapt the material of your balls to the level of each player and the terrain).

Nerf battle (Safe)

battle of nerves

Do your kids want to play war? 

The best way to raise children's awareness of war, while having fun and not getting hurt. 

Have a battle of nerves! Inexpensive to buy, just surf the net. 

It's also a safe, fun way to develop your children's imagination by creating character roles for them to play. 

Construction of cabin

children's cabin

Whatever your child's age, building a tree house will encourage independence and resourcefulness

Name the site manager and let his imagination run wild.   


Badminton in the garden

Badminton, a fun and friendly activity that can be played anywhere, even in the garden! 

If you like racket games, this is the sport for you. It develops coordination and motor skills.

Young and old alike can have a great timetogether, without the danger of hitting the shuttlecock in the face. Just be careful with the racket!



I've created a practical guide to improve your children's learning while having fun! 

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I'm Xavier, a state-qualified youth and sports instructor.

I've created a practical guide to improve your children's learning while having fun!

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guide pratique mon enfant fait du sport