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the elf

Run - dodge - throw - catch 

Le lutin est un jeu de ballons dérivé de la balle aux prisonniers. Le but du jeu ? Toucher ses adversaire avec un ballon et les envoyés en prison.

Each for himself or in a team, depending on the variant. 

Imp's objective

Its objective is to develop : 

  • Agility (dodging the ball)
  • Speed (getting around)
  • Precision (throwing)
  • *Group cohesion (teamwork)
  • Fair play


The elf: an active game!

The Goblin keeps all the children active on the pitch, because the pitch isn't very big, so the children always have to be on the move during the game, dodging the ball as well as retrieving it. 

To play Le Lutin you need :

  •  5 players minimum
  • 1 foam ball
  • Des coupelles ou des plots pour délimiter le terrain
  • A place with space 

Elf game rules

Sitting ball variation

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Before starting a game of Leprechaun, you'll need a field marked out with studs, cups, chalk, etc. 

Explanation of the rules

The player with the ball.

  • He can only take three steps with the ball
  • He has 5 seconds to decide to throw it to hit an opponent.

If he touches an opponent, the latter leaves the field and moves to the side.

If he misses, any player can pick up the ball and shoot at an opponent. 

The player without the ball.

  • He must dodge the ball and move around the pitch. 

The affected player

  • He leaves the game and moves to the edge of the pitch.
  • He keeps an eye on the player he's been hit by.
  • If he is hit in turn, he can return to the field. 

How to win at Leprechaun

To win a game, you have to touch all your opponents with the ball. If a player catches a ball in flight, he is not considered to have been hit.
A ball that bounces before touching a player does not count. 

What the Imp is allowed and not allowed to do

Authorized :

  • Catch the ball in flight.
  • Move around the entire pitch

Forbidden :

  • Aim for the head. 
  • cross the field line, in which case the player is eliminated.
  • Take more than 3 steps with a ball in hand.



  • Adding a balloon
  • Use foam or plastic balls
  • Allow alliances between players 
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