Sports games for children

35 printable olympiad games for kids


Suitable for anyone involved in children's sports and recreational learning.

simple and easy to set up

Who is this Olympiad Games EBOOK designed for?

Specially designed for activity leaders, sports educators and teachers, it can also be used by anyone involved in children 's sports and leisure activities.

This easy-to-read ebook has been designed to be as readable and comprehensible as possible, so that even children can understand it and take part in its reading.

In fact, it's packed with images to help you discover and assimilate its contents at a glance.

What you're about to discover in this special Olympic Games Ebook.

35 game cards

Simple, easy-to-understand information sheets.

The learning process

What can children do? How do they do it? A brief overview of each age group

The learning phase

The adult constructs situations from A to Z to transmit knowledge to the child.

Referee and final ranking sheets

There's no need to bother! The paintings are already made and ready to print!

Handling all types of situations

And if I don't feel like playing, if I get hurt or do something stupid, what do you do?

The aim of sports cards

What's the point of having a goal for my game? Discover the 6 objectives of the sports cards

The responsible adult

The behaviour and attitude that adults should adopt towards children


The essential things to do before, during and after a sports game.

A special Olympics diploma

The small reward that always makes you happy after becoming the master of the Olympiad games.

No more searching

As animators, sports educators and teachers, we spend an average of two hours a day looking for games for children. 

A few years ago, I decided to make a little homemade notebook with all the different types of games I knew. 

"This little notebook is now 100% digital and much more modern than my notes. 

I can now devote myself to other things

I now take 1h30 a week to organize my games thanks to my sports cards!  

I worked every evening, every weekend and every vacation on these sports cards, including chasing, relay and ball games.

I wanted something clean and structured to read, without too much blah, to organize my research time over the long term. I didn't want it to detract from my game situations and lose its pedagogical effectiveness...

So now I have the chance to spend more time on other projects every day. 

Who is the designer?

sports educator with Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation Populaire et du Sport - specializing in Physical Activities for All.

This Olympiad Games Ebook has been designed by a professional sports organizer with a Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation Populaire et du Sport - specializing in Physical Activities for All.

Issued by the Direction régionale de la jeunesse et des sports (formerly DDCSPP) and 9 years' experience as a sports educator, plus 5 years' experience as a director of group camps for minors (BPJEPS APT and UCC DIRECTION).

A complete animation project

The first nine pages are intended for a rather theoretical use of children's learning characteristics and adult knowledge. 

  • This content must essentially be impregnated by the supervisor to ensure that the game is played in complete emotional, moral and physical safety.

The following pages contain ball game cards constructed as follows: 

  • The goal
  • Instructions for each role in the game
  • A pictorial demonstration 
  • Material organization 
  • The rules of the game 
  • Variants for certain games

Example of a game sheet

In full transparency

The Olympiad games in this EBOOK can be  

  1. Some of them can be found on the website you are currently visiting.
  2. Findable on Google

I haven't invented any new games.

I've taken many of the key elements of a sports game session and turned them into something :  

  • Claire 
  • Structured
  • Understandable 
  • Quick to leaf through

I don't see myself as a trainer or youth advisor, and I'm not qualified to do so. 

I'm simply stating the reality in the field for a sports educator and (qualified) ACM director


No, unfortunately, the material whose Olympiad games appear on the ebook is not sold with it. 

There's no delivery delay, as it can be downloaded directly after purchase. 

Of course! as long as you adapt them to the level of each individual.

No, for the moment, the relay games ebook is only available in digital "PDF" format. However, you are free to print it.

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I'm Xavier, a state-qualified youth and sports instructor.

I've created a practical guide to improve your children's learning while having fun!

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guide pratique mon enfant fait du sport