4 elements theme - Superhero thread

8 events for a great game

For children aged 5 to 12 

What a challenge for a great game based on the 4 elements and superheroes? 

The aim is to captivate children on the theme with something they all know. What better way to captivate a child than with superheroes?

Background : 

The 4 elements essential to our survival have disappeared.

  • The earth
  • The water
  • The fire
  • The wind 

We called on our superheroes to find them. Each challenge won provides a clue to an element.

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Test objectives

The aim of the tests is to develop : 

  • Coordination
  • Motor skills
  • Memorization
  • Precision
  • Speed
  • The strength 
  • Endurance


Arrow: Archery

You need :

  • Target 2
  • ARC 2
  • Arrow 10
  • Cup 6 (delimitation, safety) 
  • Team 2

Aim of the game: 

The team is divided into two groups (Each group hasa bow and 5 arrows. The team must score 200 points to win the clue.

Once the 200 points have been accumulated, go to the superhero checkpoint to receive the clue. 

Safety instructions :

It is forbidden to shoot with a bow when a person is in front of the target.

Captain America: Frisbee

You need :

  • Target 2
  • Frisbee 2
  • Cup 4

The team is divided into two groups (Each group has a Captain America shield (Frisbee).

  1. At the signal, the 1st in each group throws the shield into the target.
  2. The throwers retrieve their Frisbee and give it to the next thrower, who in turn throws it, and so on. 
  3. A shield (frisbee) that hits its target is worth 10 points. 
  4. To win a clue, you need to total 200 points.

Once you've scored all 200 points, head for the superhero checkpoint.

Safety instructions:
It is forbidden to throw when a person is in front of the target
All children must be behind the shield thrower
It is forbidden to exceed the limit imposed for throwing one's shield, unless there is a permanent failure.

Black Panther : Endurance

You need :

  • Cups or studs 4
  • Hoop 1
  • Hedge 4
  • Rope 4
  • Platform 12

Aim of the game: 

  1. To prove you really are superheroes and collect 200 points
  2. You'll have to complete this endurance course for 10 minutes without stopping, just like a superhero would.
  3. You can reverse the course after 5 minutes.
  4. If you manage to last 10 minutes on the course, you can go to the superhero checkpoint to be given the clue.

Safety instructions :

It's best to run the course in a gymnasium or on the grass. To avoid serious injury in the event of a fall.  

Daredevil: Blind Guide

You need :

  • Colored scarf 4
  • Rope 1
  • Hedge 4
  • Rope 4 or stud (corridor)

Dardeville is a blind superhero who uses his listening skills to get around. Can you do the same?

The aim of the game

  1. In pairs, a blind superhero must find his scarf with the help of his guide.
  2. The guide will show him the way to the scarf as quickly as possible.
  3. The guide must not cross the line in front of him. He guides only by the sound of his voice.
  4. Once all the children have passed as guide and blind, a clue will be given to you at the superhero control center.

Flash: Water relay

You need :

  • Container 2
  • Yoghurt pot 2 or plastic glass 
  • Plot 10

Aim of the game

The team is divided into two groups (for maximum practice).

  1. Each group has a full and empty container, as well as a yoghurt pot.
  2. The aim is to fill the container as quickly as possible using a yoghurt pot and your legs while slaloming.
  3. Once both containers have been filled to the brim, you can return to the superhero checkpoint for a clue.

Hulk : Mover

You need :

  • Motor skills training modules (cube) 

Aim of the game

The team must move the cubes (mover) and build a house on the platform concerned.
Until the house is rebuilt and validated by an adult, you can't get the next clue.

Once the house has been rebuilt exactly as it was, head for the superhero checkpoint.

Spiderman: Spider web

You need :

  • Wire
  • Scotch

Aim of the game

Spiderman is a superhero who moves with spider threads, and has the ability to be very agile. Can you be too?

The aim is simple: the superheroes take it in turns to pass through the huge spider's web without touching the wires (back and forth) in order to acquire Spiderman's skill (Address).

Once all the children have obtained the agility skill, you can pick up a clue at the superhero checkpoint.

Professeur xavier : Cerebral

Link to the puzzle to cut out and print

Professor Xavier, an expert in telepathy and thought control, has concocted a puzzle that only superheroes can solve.

Once you've completed the puzzle, you'll find the clue inside.

I've created a practical guide to improve your children's learning while having fun! 

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guide pratique mon enfant fait du sport


I'm Xavier, a state-qualified youth and sports instructor.

I've created a practical guide to improve your children's learning while having fun!

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